Claire’s Journey to Yesteryear

Claire's Journey to Yesteryear

August 5
August 19
September 9

“It seemed inconceivable, but all appearances pointed to my being someplace where the customs and politics of the late eighteenth century still held sway.”

Claire's Journey to Yesteryear One-Day Auto Tour

Claire would love this journey with us to yesteryear!! It all starts as we begin our day by stepping back in time to visit Fort Defiance, a historic home built by Revolutionary War hero Major General William Lenoir in 1792. After admiring this beautifully restored home, we'll head over to Leatherwood Mountains Resort where we'll soak in the views and relax while we hear from a member of the Overmountain Victory Trail Association who will tell us about the Overmountain Men (who was featured in "Bees"). We'll enjoy a mouth-watering meal together for lunch outside in the fresh Carolina backcountry air with lunch prepared by Leatherwood's Saddlebrook Restaurant and melt-in-your-mouth cookies for dessert from Sweet & Savory Bakery & Deli. Next, we’ll participate in a Native American Wilderness Walk with a Pasqua Yaqui Tribal Member where we'll learn about how the Native Americans gleaned from North Carolina wilderness items used in their day-to-day lives. Don't you know Claire would have thoroughly enjoyed foraging through the woods with us! From there, we'll travel to Stardust Cellars to participate in a hands-on mead blending workshop, leaving with our very own special creations. This will be followed by a hearty Italian meal at Roselli's on 10th, a quaint little favorite of the locals. The day will end with a short walk through Wilkesboro as we learn about local ghosts and legends of time gone by!

Tour Dates

~ August 5, 2023 ~ ~ August 19, 2023 ~ ~ September 9, 2023 ~ *Pick Your Date When You Reserve!

Trip Itinerary

Meet Up In Wilkesboro, NC
We’ll start our morning in Wilkesboro, North Carolina, “where the mountains begin”.
Stop #1 - Historic Fort Defiance House Tour
In 1780, the name Fort Defiance belonged not to the house that currently stands, but to a fort not far from this location. William Lenoir resided in the fort and had joined the Patriot militia under Benjamin Cleveland. As the Overmountain Men traveled down the Yadkin River Valley on their way to Kings Mountain, they stopped in the area of the fort to make camp on the night of September 28th. Some believe that the men may have camped in a grove of trees located behind the historic house. William Lenoir kept a journal during the campaign and gained notoriety after the Battle at Kings Mountain for his accounts. When the house was finished in 1792 William Lenoir decided to keep the name Fort Defiance for his new home. The house has over 300 pieces of original furnishings and historic household items. ​
Stop #3 - Leatherwood Mountain Resort
From Fort Defiance, we’ll travel to Leatherwood Mountains Resort where we’ll hear from a member of the Overmountain Victory Trail who will tell us all about the Overmountain Men who would have marched nearby on their way to The Battle of King’s Mountain. We’ll enjoy a fabulous meal together for lunch outside in the fresh Carolina backcountry air. Then we will take a walk with Joe Candillo and learn all about how the Native Americans gleaned from the North Carolina wilderness items used in their day-to-day lives. Joe is a Native American Artisan & Preservationist and an enrolled member of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe.
Stop #4 - Stardust Cellars
We’ll travel to Stardust Cellars where we’ll learn the history and process of mead making with raw, local honey while we participate in a hands-on workshop. We will leave with our very own creations we’ll get to take home and continue to enjoy. Stardust Cellars were awarded the highest possible sustainability rating given by NC GreenTravel in 2019, out of only six vineyards recognized.
Stop #5 - Dinner at Roselli's on 10th
You won’t be disappointed with the Italian feast we’ll be served while dining at this local establishment. You’ll see why their restaurant is one of the best around as you partake in scrumptious Italian fare, delight in their homemade sauce and enjoy their mouthwatering desserts!
Stop #8 - Candlelight Ghost Tour
Get ready for local stories and legends of the ghosts around these parts while we stroll through downtown Wilkesboro. Our tour guide is R. G. Absher, author of “Ghosts of the Yadkin Valley”. He is sure to please as our ears are tickled with secrets of the unknown (or used-to-be-known).
All-Inclusive One-Day Tour

ALL admission prices, meals, tips, souvenir glasses, and non-alcoholic beverages (except as indicated) are included in your one-day ticket price.

Your Guides

Beth & Carolyn are honored to be your guides as we discover Jamie and Claire's North Carolina. They'll be more than happy to discuss all things Outlander with you as we travel together through the NC stones. Read more about their Outlandish story by clicking on the "Your Guides" title above.

What To Bring

Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes. A folding chair or camp chair. Rain gear. This is a rain or shine tour. Bug Spray and suncreen. In the event you would like to make incidental purchases throughout the day or additional alcoholic beverages, please bring a method of payment. Camera or cellphone for photo taking. FULL tank of gas. And your excitement!


We will be touring the area "caravan" style on the Claire's Journey To Yesteryear Tour. Follow us in the comfort of your own vehicle or ride along with someone else as we visit The Ridge. Narration provided along the way via walkie talkies, but we welcome your comments along the way too!

What Not To Bring

> NO children under 13 years of age. > The ringer on your cellphone (please silence cellphones when with the group). Besides, cell phone service is unavailable in many areas on the Ridge. > NO Tips of any kind!


If you'd like to spend more than a day in the area, you may want to begin your stay on Friday night in Wilkes County and end your stay on Saturday night in the Boone area. Click the "Accommodations" title above for links to places to stay in both areas. *Accommodations are NOT included in the ticket price.*

Safety Precautions

We want YOU to stay healthy & well! Masks are totally optional at this point (yay!) but of course, don't hesitate to wear one if you'd feel more comfortable. Locations on this tour have mild uneven terrain and require minimal climbing.

Tour Pricing

All Day Tour
  • Welcome Gift
  • Guided Tour of Fort Defiance
  • Overmountain Men at Leatherwood
  • Lunch & Learn and Fabulous Meal in the Fresh Carolina Backcountry Air
  • Native American Wilderness Walk
  • Hands-on Mead Making Workshop
  • An Italian Feast of a Meal
  • Guided Ghost Tour in Downtown Wilkesboro
  • *Tour Itinerary Subject To Change Without Notice*
  • **We must have at least 10 people to sign up for the tour in order to proceed. If 10 people do not sign up, your money will be refunded to you (less a $25.00 booking fee) or you may transfer to another tour.**

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