Cabin Sharing

Cabin Sharing

We found accommodation for the night at a crofter’s cottage. Or I should say I did. The men slept outside, disposed in various haystacks, wagon-beds and patches of bracken. In deference to my sex or my status as semicaptive, I was provided with a pallet on the floor inside, near the hearth. While my pallet seemed vastly preferable to the single bedstead in which the entire family of six was sleeping, I rather envied the men their open-air sleeping arrangements. The fire was not put out, only damped for the night, and the air in the cottage was stifling with warmth and the scents and sounds of the tossing, turning, groaning, snoring, sweating, farting inhabitants. ~ Claire

Do you want to come to Springtime At Fraser’s Ridge but need to split the cost of lodging with others? Would you like to share a cabin or a room with another like-minded, obsessed Sassenach? One of the goals of Springtime is to share Jamie & Claire’s 18th century Scotland. Since sharing lodging, even beds, was a common 18th century practice, it seems to fit perfectly into our Springtime theme as well!  Seriously, though, we won’t require you to share a bed or even a room but sharing a cabin is perfectly doable, don’t you think?

Do you want to be like Claire (ahem, minus the snoring, sweating and farting inhabitants part)? We have you covered, Sassenach!

This year we have set aside a few cabins at Leatherwood Mountains for sharing only. Everyone sharing this cabin must be ticket purchasers to be eligible. 

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in sharing a cabin or a hotel room with a fellow Outlander fan!

*NOTE; If you have already rented a cabin or other accommodations and have room to share, please contact Dawn Woo at*

Springtime at Fraser's Ridge Cabin Sharing Request
We will only place you in a room or bed with the same gender.
Note: We will take all of your preferences into consideration; however, please see Terms & Conditions at the bottom of this form.
Cabin share (CS) attendee agrees to pay their total portion of rent regardless of length of stay.

CS attendee agrees to a space. A space is defined as one sleeping space. If the space (bed) is big enough for 2 people, we have the right to assign another attendee to that space. If CS attendee wants the entire bed, attendee must pay for 2 spaces.

CS attendee agrees to follow rules of cabin set forth by owner, be courteous and respectful of others staying in the cabin, and assist in check-out procedures delineated in cabin procedures.