12 Days of Christmas Giveaways – Day 12

12 Days of Christmas ~
Day 12 Giveaway

It’s Day 12 of our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway and the final chance to win a gift from the Scottish Gourmet USA! The Scottish Gourmet USA is located in Greensboro, North Carolina, and is your one stop shopping place for all things Scottish!
**Keep scrolling to see what we’ve chosen for Day 12 PLUS read the entry instructions for Day 12.**
We hope you have had fun during our giveaway and perhaps you were lucky enough to win one of our TWELVE prizes!
As we close out the giveaway on this Christmas Eve, we pray for each one of you a blessed, safe & very Merry Christmas!
We hope to see you on one of our tours in 2022!
P.S. Have you heard about Springtime at Fraser’s Ridge? Click HERE to find out more!

On The Twelvth Day of Christmas, NC Sass Tours Gave To Me...

Heather Hills Heather Honey

Straight from the Highland's heather covered hills, rich and thick heather honey in a beehive shaped 12 oz. jar. The honey will add amazing flavor to your tea or any toast lucky enough to be coated with this honey.

Please Follow These Steps To Enter:

  1. Scroll down and share your Christmas wish for someone you love in the “Leave a Reply” section below (a/k/a the “Comments” section).
  2. IMPORTANT: After leaving a reply/comment, scroll back up and login to the giveaway through Facebook or by entering your email. You MUST leave a reply/comment below plus enter the giveaway to be eligible to win!
  3. Click the “I Commented!” box in the giveaway.
  4. That’s it!


>>The Day 12 Giveaway begins 6:00 AM EST on December 24 and ends at 11:59 PM on December 24.

>>One (1) Winner will be chosen for December 24, 2021.

>>Winner will be notified within 72 hours after giveaway closes and must respond to that email within 48 hours.

>>A list of all winners who have claimed their prizes will be posted at the end of the giveaway.


  1. Barajas, Laura

    My Christmas wish for all those that I love is to stay healthy,

  2. Charlotte Soutullo

    I wish them heath and happiness.

  3. Kelly Roberts

    My Christmas wish for my loved ones is to stay safe and healthy!

  4. Melody Glick

    Wishing my Christian Friends a Happy Christmas.Stay well!

  5. Jodi Neal

    My wish for my family and friends, that we will appreciate each other more, because we don’t have the promise of tomorrow, to hug more, love deeper, be kinder, get in touch more, don’t be so offended by things, to stop and see things in creation and be in awe of how special it is to grow older, many don’t have that pleasure.

  6. Barbara Whitcomb

    I pray my loved one will not have to go to prison for very long. He made a bad mistake. My heart is breaking.

  7. Anna J Price

    Health and happiness to those I love!

  8. Sheila Barker

    I wish for Christmas that everyone can take some time off of this busy life and enjoy time with loved ones.

  9. Cindy

    Health and happiness to my loved ones!

  10. Robin Roberts

    My Christmas wish is for everyone to be happy, live peacefully, and be healthy! Merry Christmas to all!

  11. Barb Saul

    My Christmas wish is for EVERYONE…..

    Regardless of religious, political, ethnic, racial, or gender affiliations….
    That ALL will arrive to the deep knowledge and understanding of the abundant Love and Grace of Almighty God and that His Peace & Joy will abide within our hears……ALWAYS!!!💖

  12. Melissa Staley

    My Christmas wish is for everyone to have peace in their heart.

  13. Nicole Peele

    Peace, joy, and goodwill to all

  14. Mary Imms

    Health and love.

  15. Catherine McCaskill

    I wish family and friends peace and joy. Considering the devastation of the past year, we could all use more joy in our lives.

  16. Joanne

    My Christmas wish for my children would be that they always know the love of Christ for them. That they put their trust and faith in Him.

  17. Teri Franklin

    Peace in their hearts and Peace on Earth.

  18. Karen Newhall

    Good health and love to all!

  19. Kathy Buckmaster

    I wish for someone very dear to me to find a new job soon, so her stress level can decrease & her self-worth increase. Merry Christmas, all you Sassenachs!

  20. Kathy French

    My wishes for my family & friends are health, happiness, and peace of heart.

  21. Nat Cohen

    I wish for everyone to have more patience, tolerance, love and peace especially when dealing with other people. This world has become so divisive and nasty that it is very unpleasant. As someone once said, “Can’t we all just get along?”. I hope your holidays bring some joy, as well.

  22. Christie Sanders

    My sister is struggling with mental and physical health. I pray and wish for better health for her!

  23. Joy Allen

    My Christmas wish is for my friend Drew. He is in the hospital awaiting a new heart after 7 years of heart failure. This would be the perfect gift, the gift of life…..❤️

  24. Cathy Hinz

    I wish my dear sister a Merry Christmas. She has been dealing with her husband’s serious health issues and resulting family problems. To my mother who is in the beginning stages of dementia and having a very difficult time. And to my saint of a father who is taking such good care of her.

  25. Gail Smith

    My wish is for family harmony.

  26. Deni Thompson

    My wish for my someone special is that we are able to continue living our story for many years to come. Feeling grateful.

  27. Hannah Gould

    I pray that a certain person who I love can become willing to open her heart & be kinder & more loving to all. I know it’s a lot to ask, but this person really needs help

  28. Amy Albright

    True 🌎 peace, love and harmony for all!

  29. Eileen Fox

    It’s been a tough couple of years, so my wish is more for everyone. I wish you peace, love, health, and happiness. Slow down and see what’s in front of you. Everyone is in such a rush today. We have become such a divided country; I wish people could just be respectful and agree to disagree but continue to be friends. I wish the world could be more tolerable of each other and learn to understand their differences so we can work together. I wish people can live their authentic self and not be ashamed, bullied, or killed because of it. I wish the world would live more like Jesus’s ways and how he saw things and treating the situations, and most of all the way he treated people.

    Life is short and tomorrow is not promised to us. Love one another, appreciate the small things in life, and most importantly slow down and take it all in.

  30. Sharon Fraser

    Peace in our hearts

  31. Kiera Holmwood

    Dear ncsassenachtours.com administrator, Great content!

  32. Merissa Vida

    To the ncsassenachtours.com webmaster, Your posts are always interesting.

  33. Caren Upshaw

    To the ncsassenachtours.com administrator, Thanks for the well-structured and well-presented post!

  34. Joesph Hilson

    Hi ncsassenachtours.com webmaster, Your posts are always well-supported by facts and figures.

  35. Bessie Gary

    Hi ncsassenachtours.com owner, Your posts are always a great source of knowledge.

  36. Anja Gill

    Hi ncsassenachtours.com owner, You always provide useful links and resources.

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