12 Days of Christmas Giveaways – Day 3

12 Days of Christmas ~
Day 3 Giveaway

It’s Day 3 of our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway with another chance to win a gift from the Scottish Gourmet USA! The Scottish Gourmet USA is located in Greensboro, North Carolina, and is your one stop shopping place for all things Scottish!
**Keep scrolling to see what we’ve chosen for Day 3 PLUS read the entry instructions for Day 3.**
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On The Third Day of Christmas, NC Sass Tours Gave To Me...

Tunn0ck's Tea Cake Box

Another Scottish treat to enjoy - sweet marshmallow sitting on top of a crisp cookie base then coated with a layer of creamy milk chocolate. More than a mouthful as each tea cake measures an inch and a half in diameter and stands an inch tall. Each tea cake is wrapped in a printed foil wrapper that has become an iconic design in Scotland - like a coke bottle here, Every Scot knows Tunnock's Tea Cakes, and probably could draw the star design on top with rings of words and then radiating lines out to the edge of the silver foil wrapper. Buy a box, or two! Each box holds six foil wrapped tea cakes, 5 oz.

Please Follow These Steps To Enter:

  1. Scroll down and share your most favorite Christmas memory in the “Leave a Reply” section below.
  2. IMPORTANT: Scroll back up and login to the giveaway through Facebook or by entering your email. You MUST “leave a reply” below and enter the giveaway to be eligible to win!
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The Day 3 Giveaway begins 6:00 AM EST on December 15 and ends at 11:59 PM on December 15.

One (1) Winner will be chosen for December 15, 2021.

Winner will be notified within 72 hours after giveaway closes and must respond to that email within 48 hours.


  1. Joyce Ingo

    Going out with my family on Christmas Eve to drive around and see all the Christmas lights when I was a child. When we returned home, Santa had come and left us presents! It was magical!

  2. Cindy

    Singing Christmas carols!

    • Deanna Smith

      Getting together every Christmas eve with my cousins aunt’s and uncle’s parents and sibling.

  3. Millie Wesson

    Christmas Eve at my in-laws house when our children were small. There would be 20 or more of us including the 8 little ones running around on a sugar high. It was magical.

  4. Susan

    Opening one present the night before.

  5. Faith Lough-Otten

    My favorite memory of Christmas was when my kids were young and believed in Santa. They would be so excited to wake up and see what was under the tree for them, and looking to see if Santa ate his cookies took the carrot for the Reindeer.

  6. Kelly Roberts

    Celebrating Christmas Eve with my maternal Grandparents and Christmas Day with my paternal Grandparents. They have all passed away and I miss them so much. They were such a huge part of my childhood.

  7. Robin Roberts

    Sitting on a bunch of pillows by the fireplace with the love of my life on our first Christmas eve. I remember it like it was yesterday.

  8. Catherine McCaskill

    Our family spent 6 years in Germany. The most wonderful memories there were going to the Christmas markets in the evenings for a crepe and cup of mulled wine.

  9. Lisa

    My favorite memory is always Christmas Eve at grandma’s house with all the cousins and a room full of presents and people tripping over them eating peanuts, chocolate and fruit from church while excitingly waiting to gather together and open all those gifts!

  10. Pamela Smith

    I’ve had many wonderful memories with my extended Phelps Family at Christmas. My grandmother was a saint ! She cooked for all of us, keeping in mind what we all liked. For me she fried an extra piece of chicken that she hid, because she knew that I didn’t eat desert and would rather have an extra piece of chicken. She wanted to make sure I had something to eat while everyone was eating pie and cake. She always looked at us as we were gathered around her in the formal living room (only time we used that room was during Christmas) and told us how much of a blessing we were to her. She would always say ” I will never be a poor woman, because I have all of you.” Every Christmas we heard those words… I miss it all !

  11. Mary Imms

    I miss all the huge Christmas Eve gatherings my family and friends used to have. We’re all scattered around the US now

  12. Karen Mathis

    I’m not sure what year it was – probably late 1980s. My mother and brother came up from Florida to North Carolina to spend Christmas with us. it started snowing on Christmas Eve. The only time I remember a white Christmas. It was truly beautiful!

  13. Jacqueline Smith

    Going to see the luminaries on Christmas Eve when I lived in Albuquerque New Mexico

  14. Melissa Staley

    When we were little, my older sister would wake up first. She would play with my toys from Santa, then she would come wake me up.

  15. Nat Cohen

    Decorating friends’ Christmas trees because we are Jewish and didn’t have one. Oh yeah, I loved helping them eat the cookies, too!

  16. Jodi Neal

    We always had a wonderful Christmas. My dad would read a Christmas book to us. And he would read it in such a way that would excite a young kid’s imagination. He made it come alive. One story was about a Christmas Tree, from the tree’s side of the story, one was about little mice and their Christmas, one was about elves. It was SO wonderful for children.

  17. Kathy French

    I loved Christmas Eve. The family gathered in the living room around the fireplace. The kids exchanged our presents to each other and we had hot chocolate in special bone China cups. Then we had to be sure that Dad put the fire out so Santa could comedown the chimney 😁🎄

  18. Nancy Vance

    Midnight Christmas Eve service

  19. Melody Glick

    Celebrating Christmas Eve with my neighbor. Lots of good food and cheer

  20. Joanne

    Christmas with my extended family at my grandmother’s house when I was a child.

  21. Barb Saul

    One of my favorite childhood Christmas memories was our visit to NYC to take in the Broadway production of Annie as well as attending The Radio City Music Hall Christmas show, ice skating at Rocfeller Center, shopping at Macy’s, Christmas Eve dinner with my auntie uncle & cousins and attending Midnight Mass with my Granny!

  22. Michele Crawley

    Seeing the wonder and magic of the season on my boy’s faces when they were little.

  23. Elaine McRae

    I loved the way my child’s eyes lit up w/ wonder on Christmas morning!

  24. Susan Angell

    Christmas Dinner at my Granny’s

  25. Mary Metcalf

    My brother and I would get up so early and sneak into the living room to see what Santa had brought us. I had wanted a cash register. One Christmas morning I was surprised with a Tom Thumb cash register. I played with it all day!

  26. Joy Allen

    Early Christmas morning I went out to my backyard and looked up into the starry sky and felt the Lord’s presence strongly with me! All I could do is lift up my hands and praise Him! Happy Birthday Jesus……

  27. Wendy H Vest

    My favorite memory is when I was younger and my grandparents were still alive. They had a huge fireplace with a mantle that had to be 8 feet long. It was covered with stockings that my great grandmother had crocheted. And they were always filled with the best stuff and always an apple and an orange.

  28. Deni Thompson

    Arranging a surprise visit for my sister-in-law, Shari, who had special needs to come to NC and spend Christmas with everyone; she lived out of state. The surprise was magical for everyone, especially Shari.

  29. Amanda Marion

    I remember getting my Hug-a-Bunch as a little girl. My sisters and I were all in our matching Rainbow Bright jammies!

  30. Christie W. Sanders

    I loved growing up with an artificial white tree! Dad brought home a green one and I apparently refused it, so it went into the attic and the white one stayed around, with masking tape! 😀

  31. Cheryl Gowing

    Coming back from Christmas eve Mass after midnight, then opening our stockings

  32. Barbara Scott

    Decorating the Christmas tree 🎄

  33. Kathleen

    Tea cakes! Yum!

  34. Erin

    Going to church on Christmas Eve then coming home and making rice krispy treats and hot chocolate.

  35. Jesse S.

    Watching Christmas movies with my family

  36. Hannah E Gould

    Going to our neighbors’ houses on Christmas to see all their wonderful gifts.

  37. Michelle Kretsch

    Christmas morning breakfast with the fruit filled coffee cakes that my grandmother made. Family recipe that has been handed down over the years and now I make them.

  38. laura Nash

    Laying under the Christmas tree and looking up through the lights.

  39. Cheri Molter

    My favorite childhood Christmas memories all involve times spent at my grandmother’s house for her Christmas dinners. As an adult, my favorite memories are of the moments when my children were seeing what Santa brought them for the first time. Their expressions of joy and wonder epitomize the magic of the holiday for me.

  40. Cathy Hinz

    Christmas with my parents, brothers and sister, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins. We had Christmas at our house most years when I was a kid. I miss everyone. Some have pass d away and the rest are spread across the country.

  41. Beverly Barfield

    Having my whole extended family come for dinner every year, and my brother falling asleep on the floor after dinner … every year, lol.

  42. Eileen Fox

    When I was very young my family would put up the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve. I lived in my great grandfather’s home so my aunt, uncle, and cousins lived above us.

    The adults would put us to bed so they could do the tree. They said we had to go to bed or Santa wouldn’t come.

    I remember being in bed unable to sleep from being so excited. It seemed like forever but I yelled out from the bedroom, “did he come yet!”. Only to hear my aunt yell back, “No, go to sleep.”

    That must have gone on for awhile because at one time I heard lots of voices yell back, “No, go to sleep or he won’t come.”

    I must have finally fallen asleep because I was woken by my mom and she said, “Santa was here, he just left.”

    I jumped out of bed and ran into the living room to see the tree all decorated and lit up with lots of tinsel and all the presents under it.

    Best of all the livingroom was full of people by my parents, brothers, aunt, uncle and all my cousins.

    We all dove into unwrapping those presents.

    Those memories are so precious.

  43. Susan Jackson


  44. Teri Franklin

    The whole family decorating the Christmas tree, without any fights! 🙂

  45. Teresa Jablonski

    Opening English crackers telling jokes and putting on party hats!

  46. Lainie Anthony

    Going to midnight mass, then coming home to have a glass of champagne and open one gift before going to bed.

  47. Joy Forster


  48. Charlotte Soutullo

    Waking up to presents under the tree.

  49. Fraser

    My husband to be took me to Christmas dinner to meet his family for the first time. It was lovely.

  50. Anna J Price

    My parents host an open house on Christmas eve every year and the neighbors and friends all come over and it so fun!

  51. Diane Stranahan

    The first time my husband visited my family in the Deep South for Christmas and he looked at the tables of food & desserts and said “there’s nothing green”. Next year, we started the tradition of bringing the vegetable plate.

  52. Cheri Furr

    Driving around to see the luminaries in our neighborhood and then other favorite neighborhoods to see Christmas lights.

  53. Cheri Furr

    Midnight Service on Christmas Eve with my family.

  54. Staci Ingram

    My favorite Christmas memory is probably when I was about 10 years old. My mom took our girl scout troop to the nursing home to carol. The residents all came out to the common area to hear us sing. Because my mom used to play Christmas music as often as possible even in July, I knew the words to every verse of every carol the residents asked us to sing. Several of the songs ended with me singing by myself, but it seemed to make the residents happy. Afterwards, we gave them some small gifts. Seeing the joy on their faces is something I’ll never forget….well, except for this one man who kept asking us when we were going to be done. I don’t think he was much in the Christmas spirit that night. LOL!

  55. Terri

    My favorite memory was hearing Santa’s sleigh and reindeer on the roof, then Santa came to the front door.

    My grandfather had some friends climb on the roof and make the sound effects while a good friend arrived at the front door to greet us. This little dramatization made me a believer for many more years!

  56. Laura Owens

    This is so much fun!

  57. Marla Nichols

    My favorite Christmas memory is when I was 8 years old. My mom passed away that year and my Aunt Mary Helen came to visit from Wilmington. We didn’t have a tree 🌲, so she went in the woods and got a fine looking bare 6-ft stick with lots of limbs. She spray painted it white and found all the clear lights and red decorations she could and she decorated it. 😍 It was glorious!

  58. Laura Owens

    I think I may have accidentally submitted twice…sorry

  59. Barbara Drum

    Going Christmas caroling!

  60. DAndra Derr

    My favorite memory was spending time with my grandparents at Christmas time.

  61. Tanya McLean

    My daughter was five months old on her first Christmas. The first time she saw me tear the wrapping paper off a gift, she let out a huge belly laugh for the first time. I continued ripping the paper off and she continued laughing. Such a sweet sound!

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