12 Days of Christmas Giveaways – Day 2

12 Days of Christmas ~
Day 2 Giveaway

It’s Day 2 of our 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway with another chance to win a gift from the Scottish Gourmet USA! The Scottish Gourmet USA is located in Greensboro, North Carolina, and is your one stop shopping place for all things Scottish!
**Keep scrolling to see what we’ve chosen for Day 2 PLUS read the entry instructions for Day 2.**
Be sure to come back every day to enter for your chance to WIN!
P.S. Do you know WHO is coming to Springtime at Fraser’s Ridge? Check it out now by clicking HERE!

On The Second Day of Christmas, NC Sass Tours Gave To Me...

A Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread Gingerbread Men Box

Eight delicious gingerbread shortbread gents are standing in this box made by Walkers of Aberlour. Each gingerbreadman is smiling and dressed to stand next to your gingerbread house, or just be enjoyed as a delicious cookie. Each Gingerbread Man stands 2.5 inches tall and is 2.25 inches wide and 3/8 of an inch thick. Treacle(molasses) and ground ginger makes this shortbread truly wonderful!

Please Follow These Steps To Enter:

  1. Scroll down and share the gift you would most like to receive for Christmas in the “Leave a Reply” section below.
  2. IMPORTANT: Scroll back up and login to the giveaway through Facebook or by entering your email. You MUST “leave a reply” and enter the giveaway to be eligible to win!
  3. Let us know that you’ve commented and then click enter.
  4. That’s it!


One (1) Winner will be chosen for December 14, 2021.

Winner will be notified within 72 hours after giveaway closes and must respond to that email within 48 hours.


  1. Ellen Weaver

    Passport stamps!

  2. Deni Thompson

    Airline tickets for two to Scotland

  3. Stacy Symes

    A vacation to Scotland!

  4. Stacy Symes

    A tour of Scotland!

  5. Charlotte Soutullo

    New Running Shoes

  6. Erin

    Spring at Fraser’s ridge tickets!

  7. Karen Mathis

    Peace of heart and mind

  8. Maggie Mason

    A trip to Scotland.

  9. Robin Roberts

    The best gift would be for my entire family to be together this year for Christmas.

  10. Mary Imms

    A trip

  11. Erin

    I already have my best gift – my newborn baby!

  12. Jacqueline Smith

    A trip to the Highlands, home of my ancestors

  13. Linda Crowley

    best gift ever is being able to see family and friends after being unable to for so long due to the pandemic.

  14. Georgetta Stonewall

    The ability to travel without fearing covid.

  15. Lisa

    Best gift: more moments of inner peace and happiness for those struggling with mental health issues

  16. Kelly Roberts

    I want an all expense paid trip to Scotland!

  17. Sue Colon

    Jamie Fraser under my Christmas tree

  18. Gail Smith

    A copy of “Bees”


    Spring at Fraser’s Ridge tickets

  20. Jesse

    Id most like to receive a trip somewhere, but since that is unlikely I’ll go with books

  21. Lainie Anthony

    My autographed copy of Bees!

  22. Joanne

    A paid family vacation or a day at the spa.

  23. Nicole Peele

    Spring @Fraser’s Ridge Tickets!!!!

  24. Melissa Staley

    Cabin on Fraser’s Ridge

  25. Joy Forster

    A trip to Scotland and Ireland!

  26. Thelma Dianne Cupples

    A trip to Scotland to research my Ancestry!

  27. Jenn Ellerbe

    Money to start our honeymoon fund!

  28. Karen Newhall

    Trip to Scotland

  29. Nancy Vance

    A complete set of Outlander DVDS!

  30. Marla Nichols

    For all of those hurting this Christmas to be reunited with their families and friends. ♥️🎄

  31. Joy Allen

    A heart for my friend who is waiting for a heart transplant

  32. Mary Metcalf

    Having Christmas lunch with my 94 year old mom who is in an assisted living with dementia.

  33. Melody Glick

    Kayak trip to Mexico

  34. Kathy French

    Spring at Fraser’s Ridge tickets

  35. Eileen Fox

    I want all the hate to stop. I want everyone to slow down and appreciate the life they have. I want kindness and common curtiousy to come back.

    I want the homeless in a home
    I want the hungry fed
    I want the scared to feel safe

    I could go on but I think you can understand

  36. Dianna Williams

    For my youngest daughter Lisa to be free of cancer.

  37. Cheryl Korn

    Time off to travel worry free

  38. Anna J Price

    A trip to Scotland!

  39. Heather

    Trip to Scotland!

  40. Barbara Scott

    Good health

  41. Beverly Barfield

    A trip to Fraser’s Ridge!

  42. Amy Albright

    World peace and no more illness or disease!

  43. Alice Faye Yandle

    Walkers makes the best cookies! With Moravian cookies a close second!

    • Alice Faye Yandle

      I hit send to fast! I would love one hour with my parents! If Heaven gave day passes!

  44. Susan Angell


  45. Jodi Neal

    2 tickets to Springtime at Fraser’s Ridge.

  46. Chuck Live

    Trip to Scotland.

  47. Chuck Love

    Trip to Scotland.

  48. Colette Badger

    A trip to NYC and tickets to any Broadway musical

  49. Cheri Molter

    I would LOVE to be given a trip to Scotland! However, I would also love to have all my children home for Christmas, and that’s a more realistic “gift option” for this year. Happy holidays, everyone!

  50. Tanya McLean

    A trip to Scotland! ❤️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  51. Julia Link

    An Outlander tour of Scotland!

  52. Lynette Grow

    I’d like free airline tickets! Since that’s improbable, I’ll take anything made in Scotland.

  53. Gloria Senn

    Spring at Fraser’s Ridge tickets

  54. Cathy Hinz

    Anything Outlander related— big or small!

  55. Kathy French

    Safe travels for my family

  56. Marie Eddins

    A DVD set of Season 5 of Outlander

  57. Yvonne Cheroke

    Time with kids and grandkids

  58. Lee Revis-Planl

    A meeting with Sam!

  59. Lee Revis-Plank

    A signed Bee book with the bees printed along the pages.

  60. Arva Mann

    Tickets to Frasers Ridge Event and a date with Jamie. A girl can dream cant she?

  61. Laura Nash

    Hard copy of Bees!

  62. Susan Hughes

    A visit to Fraser’s Ridge

  63. Lisa K.Brown

    My husband to return to good health & then a trip to Scotland with him.

  64. Barbara Drum

    My first trip to Scotland, please!

  65. Diane Stranahan

    My whole family together

  66. Marie Sutton

    Good health

  67. Lisa

    I want to be able to spend more time with family and friends.

  68. Laura Barajas

    My husband gave me my present early- both rings, one like in the books and one like in the show. So I just want all my loved ones to be healthy.

  69. Cheryl Stinson

    An all expense paid trip to Scotland!

  70. Kathleen


  71. Barb Saul

    A trip to Scotland!
    Round trip or ONE WAY!😂

  72. Shannon Rodriguez

    Tickets to the spring gathering !!!!

  73. Elaine

    I would love to have college tuition paid for my grandchildren!
    ❤️💚 Elaine McRae

  74. Nat Cohen

    I’d like the hate in the country to stop and have people care for each other.

  75. Ginger Sheppard

    Vacation to the Outlander experience for my husband!

  76. Staci Ingram

    The best gift would be for my dad to go back to how he used to be before he shot himself. I really miss who he was, and the holidays make it harder.

  77. Robin Keene

    Tickets to the spring gathering!

  78. Julie Wilson

    Time to get settled in our new home!

  79. LouAnn Haddock

    To be able to take our planned trip to Italy and Greece in 2022.

  80. Joanne

    A visit from my grandchildren

  81. Suzanne

    I would love to have employers actually look at my resume, then have one of them hire me remote so I could continue my career in UX research and writing.

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